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                                                                                                Non-Smoking unit


                                                                                            The complete set of rules



Your reservation will become a contract, when I have confirmed (countersigned), after receiving and accepting your initial payment. "Kokomo" is the La Brisa Condominium Unit 304 East, located at 1901 South Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West, FL 33040.  Gated community with pool, Jacuzzi, saunas, BBQ area and tennis court. In case of sale of the unit, guest allows assumption of this contract by the new owner.


No pets, no boats, trailers, RV's, no student groups College/University Spring Breakers, (Assoc & Condo rules). You must be 26 years or older to rent. 


If the contract shows a "Special Rate" or "Last Minute Rate": This rate is valid only for the indicated number of registered persons to occupy the unit. Guest agrees to pay the regular rate instead, when actual occupancy exceeds number of registered persons.

Check-in time is 4:00 PM not earlier. Arrival later than 6:00 PM should be announced in advance. There will be no adjustment of rate due to after midnight check-in. When arriving prior to check-in time, guests may use the pool facilities, but not before 9:00 AM. Checkout time is 10:00 AM.

Rate adjustments will not be made for late (date) arrival or early (date) departure.

PAYMENTS & CANCELLATION: All moneys should be paid in U.S currency.

less $100.00 for  handling costs -

* 1st of 3 payments of the total, min $500 (Initial payment) upon reservation
* 2nd payment of the total, 8 weeks before arrival
* Final payment, 30 days before arrival

Additional security deposit ($500.00), upon arrival we require a credit card.

Payments can be made by credit card (MasterCard/Visa/Discover/Amex), cashiers check. Personal checks, make checks payable to Kokomo.

For the security  we require a credit card.

If subsequent payments are not made, I reserve the right to cancel the contract anytime after due date of the missed payment. Rules for refunds in case of cancellation apply.

In case of cancellation, payments made prior to cancellation will be refunded, as follows:

                                                                            less $100.00 for  handling costs -

a) Cancellation was received earlier than (120 days for holidays or Special events) (90 days for all others) prior to arrival.

b) AS FAR AS the lost rent can be recovered by another booking for the same time period, in cases other than (a).

c) No refunds at all on last minute bookings (if confirmed as such, stating "Last Minute Rate" or "Special Rate" in contract). In case register guest is unable to fill the reservation due to Hurricane; you can choose same # nights during the low or high season you requested. Reservations are filled upon availability. 

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: You are charged for a standard cleaning. Any excessive mess found at the end of your stay will be charged accordingly but not limited to the following reasons.                                                                                                                     

To be deducted from your security deposit, or charged to your credit card upon your departure:

Trash not disposed, fridge/stove or oven not cleaned out.
Missing Keys/Security Gate Cards not returned to the unit at checkout: Gate Card $100.00 each, $50.00 keys.

Keys & Card not mailed back within 10 days $155.00 not refundable.
Unauthorized Late checkout: $75.00 per 30 minutes. then police will be called. Returned check: Applicable bank fee plus $50.00 handling fee                                                  

 Furniture moved $80.00 minimum, NOT NEGOTIABLE.  Any stained/damaged or missing, beach towels, bedspreads, bed covers, linens or towels.

 Smoking clean-up $250.00 additional.

 This will be charged to your credit card upon your departure pictures will follow.


FURNISHINGS IN UNITS. Kitchen supplies, bedding and towels are provided. The telephone number to your unit is (305) 292-2115. Outgoing long distance has to be dialed through a calling card. Movie channel is not covered. I trust you will respect Kokomo. Guest shall take well care of the premises, appliances and furnishings. Guest shall be responsible for all conditions caused by negligence, wrongful acts or omissions of the guest and/or persons accompanying guest. No furniture is to be moved. No BBQ in the unit or balcony area.

Guests traveling with teens or young children, we ask to make sure they respect Kokomo and the La Brisa grounds. Adults watch your kids, any damage done to La Brisa or Kokomo will be charged to your credit card. There are cameras around the grounds. Remember as renters, you are responsible for any damages done in the Condo. We will charge for damages we discovered upon your departure.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY. The maximum number of occupants at any time is 5 persons, including children. Violations of this maximum person limit or having a pet in the unit will result in eviction and forfeiture for all moneys paid.

ASSOCIATION RULES. The unit is a condominium. The guest and persons accompanying the guest agree to abide by the rules of the Association, a copy of which will be posted in the unit. On the kitchen table & wall.

BEHAVIOR. Noise ordinance in building is between 10pm & 8am. Should a guest's behavior necessitate eviction, all prepaid rents and deposits shall be considered earned.

In addition to the rent, a refundable security deposit ($300.00) is required upon arrival, by getting an authorization on the guest's VISA/MasterCard or Discover. This security deposit will be charged. Only if it's  subject to adjustments for damages to the unit or additional charges (see above, please). Liability of guest is not limited to the amount of the security deposit.




MAINTENANCE/REPAIRS: Temporarily closing of the tennis court, swimming pool etc., might occur for routine maintenance during your stay. In the event of an equipment malfunction, La Brisa might have to close an area to take care of the issue. However, no rebate can be approved due to circumstances beyond my control. Please remember La Brisa is always maintaining the complex. So there might be work in progress life does not spot because your on vacation. In the unit guest understands that any damages that are discovered requiring maintenance repairs, should be reported to me immediately.


PARKING: We are not responsible for any vehicles that are towed. You can always get additional permits at the La Brisa office (Monday Thru Friday). On weekends or holidays just put a piece of paper on your dashboard with unit #304 E, Building E and dates of your stay.


DEFAULTS: If the guest defaults in the performance of any of the obligations contained herein, and a law suit is brought against guest and/or persons accompanying the guest, I will be entitled to recover all costs and expenses, including court costs and reasonable attorney's fees.

RATES are subject to change without notice, unless confirmed by binding contract.  This contract is made under Florida law.




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