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Kokomo is licensed for transient rentals by the State, County and City of Key West. (copy of licenses are posted in the unit) Not all rentals have a license to rent. So be aware and ask questions regarding your rental.

Rental Rules

Here are a few things to remember while  you enjoy Kokomo and La Brisa grounds.

La Brisa Condominiums is a place that some owners rent to vacationers and also a place that some call home. 

Its a small community and owners take pride in doing improvements to the grounds to enjoy and for our guests to enjoy as well.  La Brisa keeps the ground up to high standards and is always doing up keep.

La Brisa Condominiums is not  a Hotel/Motel.  Even thou some units do have transient license to conduct themselves as one.   

So, for that fact if the renter  breaks rules you are in violation of the contract and can and will be escorted out of the unit and premises, by the police. You will loose all your rental monies.

La Brisa does not accept Pets of any size, boats, wave runners, trailers, RV's, student groups, College University spring breakers. Must be 26 years of age or over to be able to rent. That does not mean that mom, dad or your aunt can book the unit for you. 



Non-Smoking unit $250.00 charge if smoke is detected.

Do not hang towels or bathing suits from the balcony or the walk way. We have a  white PVC  on a wall of the balcony  to hang towels or suits.

No music or loud noise in balcony.

Sound travels, your music is your choice.

but DO NOT PLAY MUSIC IN THE BALCONY Keep the volume down in the unit. 

Do not move dehumidifier the drain line could move and cause a flood to our unit as well as downstairs.

Please keep the doors closed while A/C is on.  If A/C is forced to run while doors open the A/C unit will freeze up and stop working.

You will be responsible for repairs.


Inside the unit is no smoking.  Go outside. DO NOT FLICK YOUR BUTTS OUT THE BALCONY

Trash chute is just outside Kokomos door.

If you recycle there are blue bins downstairs

by the e elevator door.


La Brisa:

1. La Brisa has a Registration form that will be supplied by us. Please fill it out with your vehicle information. Turn it in to the office upon your arrival. Do to Covid the office is closed to the public, put it thru the mail slot. 

This will prevent your vehicle from getting towed. Also in case of an emergency they will know how many people are in the unit.

2.No hanging towels/bathing suits on the balcony or walkway rail. Fine $50.00 per incident.

3.Noise ordinance (NO NOISE) in the balconies between 10:00 pm and 8:00 .am

Noise fine $50.00. 

4.No throwing anything from balcony

or from the walkways. Fine $50.00  

5.No Smoking allowed in the pool area.

6.The carts or luggage cart in the lobby is for all to use. Please bring them back to the ground floor once you finished unloading. DO NOT leave them in your floor lobby or elevator.

7.Do not block other cars with your car or bikes. Bikes also need to be registered stick the parking pass on your bikes. La Brisa will dispose of them.


La Brisa Association, Inc. 

1901 S. Roosevelt Blvd. 

Key West, FL. 33040


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